Public Environments: X-square

ASU, Tempe - This class considered the range of possibilities for creating small and active public environments. The course focuses on temporary, long-term installations and performance and emphasizes the cultural, ethical, historical and theoretical constraints of art that serves the public by making spaces into places. X-square, a Herberger Institute cross-institute student competition, will serve as an immediate case study.


Women in Art

ASU, Tempe - This course investigates the cultural, historical, and social contexts of visual and performance art made by women. The class is organized around six themes: Historic Women Artists, Feminism & Representation, Painting & Sculpture, Performance & Body Art, Crafts & Fine Arts, and Resistance & Activism.


Women Art and Activism

ASU, Tempe - This course considers the influential presence of women artists who challenge the status quo in and through their work. It considers several feminist tropes and tests them against art made since 1945. The visual and written texts under consideration examine how women were actively in resistance through their creative work, from painting and sculpture to performance and film.

Art and War

ASU, West - This course examines the way artists have responded to living in a country that is at war and reconciled living with the vestiges of war. We will accomplish this through the lens of five themes: Graphing and Listing, Service, Remembrance and Archiving, Habit, and Mapping Dislocation. It considers various artistic genres from installation to photography and performance to film.


Art of the 20th Century II

ASU, Tempe - This course considered modern and contemporary art made from 1945 to present. It examines the historic and cultural contexts for a range of movements and thematic concerns for artists working in various media and the roles of the art market and criticism in the development of the work.


Women in Society

ASU, West - This course provided an analysis of the various cultural contexts for gender bias in contemporary American society. It examines women's relationships to various topics including gender, sexuality, body image, fine arts, violence, health, popular culture, science, work, and family. The goal of the course is to critically evaluate and understand how gender shapes our experience in society and is related to our experiences of race, class, sexual orientation, age, etc.


Gender, Race and Class

ASU, West - This course provided an analysis of the intersections that articulate and sustain performances of gender, race and class in contemporary American society. It begins with an overview of the contributions that women of color have made to feminist discourse and moves on to specific topics inclduing whiteness, masculinity, reproductive justice and activism. The goal of the course is to critically understand the complexities of alterity, privledge, capital.


Fundamentals of Art

Glendale Community College - This course considers the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of art. It proposes various definitions for art, the historic and cultural contexts of it and the constraints of a wide range of media.


The Advanced College Essay: Writing the World Through Art

New York University, Tish School of the Arts.
Advanced Expository Writing (EAP)


Expository Writing: Art in the World

New York University, Tish School of the Arts.
First Semester Expository Writing (EAP)

Art History I

Cave paintings to Elsa von Freytag Loringhoven


Art History II

Elsa von Freytag Loringhoven to Sharon Hayes