Elective Acts (Nov. 2004)

A 3-day exhibition curated by Sherrie Medina and Jo Novelli, Elective Acts emerged from a conversation about the importance of getting out to vote, the significance of choosing to participate in the electoral process, and the privilege of having that choice.

This exhibition asks participants to think more carefully about their daily elective enactments, how they might be influenced by what they see around them, what they hear on television, which books they read and whose company they keep.

Opening on election night, the show included live coverage of the polls results. The exhibition was located in an historic warehouse at 605 E. Grant St. in downtown Phoenix.




Artists in the show included:
Colin Chillag, Liz Cohen, Cyndi Coon, Jon Haddock, Carrie Marrill, Ryan McNamara, Sherrie Medina, Heidi Neff, Jo Novelli, Steve Salik and David Young.