Imagine This...

You're in the theater lobby waiting to be seated.

Several cell phones ring simultaneously and people check their text messages.

The next thing you know, a stranger approaches, tells you a secret and leaves you a calling card.

You follow the instructions on the card: visit a web address, report about your experience and register as a participant in Texts From the Fringe.

Texts From the Fringe is a performance that relies on you to play your part. Subscribed participants receive a series of instructive text messages (standard messaging rates apply). Follow the instructions and play a part Phoenix Fringe Festival.

Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of geographic location.

Cell phone numbers are for the purposes of this performance only.

Step One: Subscribe


Step Two: Report

After subscribing, it's time to play your part. Expect to receive, at most, 40 text messages during the course of the Phoenix Fringe Festival. Report your findings on the web site, your experience is the reason for this project.

Regular text messaging rates apply.


Whatever the text, the message is the same:
trust the performance and find out what happens next.