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The text message oscillates between a phone call and an email. Ringing and read, texts land in our ear, are pressed out between our fingers and scanned by our eyes. They carry profound news, late notices, early arrivals, and sweet nothings.

Some would argue that texting speeds up and depersonalizes communication. They can also be occasions for closeness. Texts From the Fringe is an opportunistic happening that operates with a profound faith in the value of inter-subjective experience.

The ethics of this project do not decry technology, but capitalize on it. Text messages sent during Texts From the Fringe are derived from research about the performances staged at the Phoenix Fringe Festival. They are intended to promote closeness between strangers. Texts From the Fringe expands the location of the festival through research, gesture, and sound.

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Visit these folks who inspired, supported or are otherwise embedded in the work of Texts From the Fringe. Particular gratitude to Jessica at urbanSTEW for pulling it all together and Stjepan for direly needed virtual-hand-holding!


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Texts From the Fringe

a project by Jo Novelli who will perform the gestures during opening night and locations TBA.